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BMO Australia is the first recorded company to develop, produce, manufacture and sell the Iconic 100% Australian made and designed Winter Boots, dating back to 1933. Their boots are the Original Australian Winter Boots.

80 years of History & Heritage

Welcome to Down Under. Welcome to the Original! Spoilt by our spectacular surroundings in the UNESCO World Heritage Blue Mountains of Australia for over 80 years, BMO Originals Australia has been family owned and operated for more than four generations. As Australia’s number 1 choice, BMO Australia is a Premium Australian Fashion Brand born from this rich family Heritage, embodied by dedicated craftsmanship and perfectly harmonised with the australian “way of life”.

Proudly recognised as the first manufacturer of the iconic Australian style Winter boot since 1933, and kept alive by one nation’s loyalty to an iconic Australian product, BMO Australia truly is the only Global manufacturer and distributor of genuine, Australian, Handmade, 100% Natural, Sheepskin boots on the European market.

Australian Made – Do Not Be Fooled This Year

It’s partly about purchasing genuine quality from a genuine source; it’s partly about using 100% Natural Australian materials (because their simply the best) and it’s partly about the love, care and attention that only comes from handcrafting a pair of boots through 80 years of proven techniques.

The Australian Made Campaign not only supports the Australian economy, but more importantly maintains Global leading standards and codes of practices regarding; how and where raw materials are sourced, workplace rights and workplace conditions, Animal cruelty prevention and Environmental protection.

BMO Australia in Europe

With a New Generation of BMO Australia and an overwhelming demand for Genuine, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly products in the High-End European Fashion Markets, BMO Australia launched an Exclusive Collection, adapted to suit the Harsh European conditions in 2012. Through the 2013/2014 winter season The Dutch consumers took exceptionally to The Brand Image and Genuine Qualities of the Premium Collection. In over 50 Retail shops in The Netherlands alone this year you will be sure to find a member of the BMO Australia family near you. Check the Retail Stores page!

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Carefully Handcrafted

Equally important to each and every one of our Master Craftsmen, and Ladies, is the passion, attention to detail and quality that is only created by Handcrafting a boot with care. Inspecting every skin with their delicate touch, generations of craftsmen use processes that are tried and true.

Improved and evolving for over 80 years by engaging a hint of modern innovation, Aussie flare and a little bit of extra imagination, we continue to cut, glue and stitch every pair of BMO’s as we always have from our cosy little factory down under.